Cosmic Fortune review

Cosmic Fortune coverCosmic fortune is a progressive slot game designed and built by Net Entertainments, one of the biggest development houses around and it is easily one of my favourite online casino games. The game has a really nice retro feel to it, putting me in mind of a classic game of space invaders or something similar.

Cosmic Fortune  01One of the best things about Cosmic Fortune is the way the game looks and feels to play, everything is really smooth and crisp and the game is bright and bold, keeping me entertained late into the night. The other main benefit of this progressive slot is the range and number of bonuses you can get while playing them. There are wild symbols and scatter symbols that provide players with a bonus mid game and can also unlock features such as the bonus game, where it is really easy to rack up the winnings and earn some serious cash.

Cosmic Fortune 02It isn’t just the bonuses that make this game so thrilling to play though. It is a progressive jackpot game, which means the jackpot just grows and grows into the hundreds of thousands, sometimes more, but it doesn’t just have the one single progressive jackpot, oh no, it has four of them. There are four different progressive jackpots that can be won and all of them are huge sums of money.

Overall, Cosmic fortune is definitely one of my favourite slot games and one that I play very regularly. The design and feel of the game is great and the chance of winning, and winning big, is huge.