Koi Princess review

Koi Princess review

Koi Princess is an anime theme game which can be played across multiple devices, including your tablet, smart phone, laptop or PC.

Character representation and Symbols

KoiPrincessreviewA variety of interesting anime characters roll and tumble on your screen as the ‘spin’ button is engaged. These auspicious symbols are represent some of the gaming features, which include but are not limited to a rather interesting looking oriental frog, a depiction of what you can only assume is a tiger, sparkly looking coins, and a very interestingly attired princess.

Not to be left out of the mix; always a very prominent symbol of anything oriental, is a dragon. The background music is also of the oriental genre, and it is kept in line with the general theme of the game.

It takes a while to get the hang of the game but once you do, there is much fun and entertainment to be derived from engaging in the cornucopia of fluid entertainment.

Bonus Features Explained

The real moneymaking features of this game are the Wild Reel and Sure Win free spins, which are only available after activating the bonus bet feature. This is not to say that the other bonus features such as the 5-hit Random and Random Wild Random features are not chock-full of goodies as well. These random features can be triggered at any time during the game:

  •  5-hit: The player can be awarded one spin with a guaranteed 5 symbol wins, with random symbols to decide how much you win.
  •  Random wilds: This feature has up to 9 intersecting wilds placed randomly on the wheel. This can yield copious amounts of coinage.
  •  Wild reels: The player will get one spin in which a specified number of reels are covered with an overlapping wild symbol.
  •  Bonus activation: This feature awards players one spin when presented with 3 bonus symbols with one bonus feature randomly awarded.

koiprincess1The return on each bet is 96 % and on bonus bets, the return is 96.2%, which makes the odds more attractive. Payout values are commensurate with coins wagered. Some features allow you to win handsome payouts of up to 30 times your wager. Gaming rules generally dictate that the higher the bet the greater the rewards.

Random features with guarantee wins are always a bonus and with the Koi Princess game this has proven to be extremely true. The payout for the random wild feature is 5.25 % on your stake, which are pretty good odds. If you get three wilds in the bonus feature, you are guaranteed a big win, which can be up to 20 times the stake. The pay lines are 20, which can equate to hundreds of dollars.

Analysis After perusing the Koi Princess Slots game

This game is definitely one to be rivalled. The availability across multiple platforms is a sure fire way to engage players and ensure relevancy. The game is very entertaining while offering copious ways to increase your winning and your chances of winning. It is engaging and never boring.