Spiñata Grande Review

Spiñata Grande Review

One of the most exhilarating video slot games is Spiñata Grande by Net Entertainment. With real life sounds mimicking everyday life, this game is jam-packed with gaming goodness. During the intro and start-up of the game, you will be greeted by dogs barking, the sounds of vehicles and even a man whistling a merry tune as he passes by in the frame.

SpinatareviewYour excitement and amusement will grow as you inundate with mariachi theme music, synonymous with the Mexican culture. The Spiñata Grande is extremely engaging from the onset, with brightly coloured moustached fishes, piñata donkeys, dancing skeleton heads, raging red bulls and parrots, which all help to depict a jovial upbeat theme. However, do not be fooled by the vibrancy of the screen, this is certainly not a kids’ game. Gaming enthusiasts will find this game entertaining as well as rewarding.

There are copious amounts of colossal symbols, which when displayed, offer bonuses, big wins, mega wins and free pins. Apart from the main playing feature there is also a mini slot feature, which can yield up to 9 spins, and coin value amounts on bronze, silver and gold coin symbols.

Wagers and Wins

Spinatareview1The wager can be anything from 0.20 £ to 200 £ per spin, with 120 000 £ as the maximum amount of coins to be won. As with most online slot games, the higher the stake, the greater the payout.

Spiñata Grande is littered with free spin symbols, coin symbols and extra spin symbols, which translate into numerous chances to win; and win big. In the mini slot feature if by happenstance you get the 3 free spins symbol, this automatically prompts the free spin feature. In some instances you can be rewarded with 5 free spins, and any extra free spin symbol that may appear will reward you with a free spin.

Ways to win big in the mini slots feature

  •  This feature guarantees big wins in most combinations. Each gold coin symbol is worth 480 coins, each silver coin symbol is worth 240 coins and each bronze coin symbol is worth 120 coins.
  •  Everyone likes free spins and in Spiñata Grande there is not a shortage of those. In the basic game, free spins along with any colossal symbol yield greater rewards. However, you are more likely to get loads of free spins in the mini slots feature.
  •  This feature, once it appears on the board, is a guaranteed big win, which can go on to translate into a mega win.
  •  The gigantic Wild icon is the big money payer. If by chance you should get 8 or more free spins, you can increase your winning by 312 times your wager.


Spiñata Grande is a really fun and exciting way to pass the time. It has copious amounts of potential, especially in the mini-slot feature. The base game is where the frequent wins will manifest themselves, but the payouts are paltry in comparison to those in the mini-slot feature. Patience is a virtue in this game – patience yields great rewards.